Which team is most likely to upset Man City & Bayern Munich in the Champions League? | Extra Time

Frank Leboeuf, Don Hutchison and Steve Nicol return for a Champions League themed edition of Extra Time which includes the following questions:
(0:55) Who has the most potential to upset Bayern Munich and Manchester City and win the UEFA Champions League?
(2:15) Barcelona or PSG: Who will win the first leg? Who will go through on aggregate?
(5:15) What percentage chance does Don give Man City to win four trophies this season?
(6:40) Is Jesse Lingard an X-factor for West Ham?
(7:06) Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid to Manchester United is looking more and more likely. How much would he improve the Red Devils' defense?
(8:46) If you were Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland, which side would you choose to go to this summer?
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  • Shut up Daniel LOL

    Rob worRob wor5 dager siden
  • I think either Mancity or Bayern will win the champions league

    Muma LovetMuma Lovet13 dager siden
  • "Hello, is it me u looking for? "

    Shourjyadipta SenShourjyadipta Sen20 dager siden
  • Simple counter attacking teams. Bayern mad city have lost to counter attacking teams this year

    AlAlMåned siden
  • The noiseless shell gratifyingly mate because velvet moberly close near a poor hall. unused, blushing bengal

    Needham SoutherlandNeedham SoutherlandMåned siden
  • City not clinical enough to beat Bayern, Pep has a good point. City's mids are great stuff, but they don't do those lil diagonal runs to get a forehead on a cross, ( except Jesus, to be fair, that guy will snap your hand off for a chance in the box, too bad Pep has him running alll over the final third ). Bayern is good enough to beat Pep's 5 second press and they are as clinical as leopards.

    ChiggsyChiggsyMåned siden
  • Haaland most likely would play at city following in the footsteps of his dad,kane would be a good signing but I don’t think he would suit city’s style he hasn’t got the agility of a Jesus or a Aguero and I find it hard for him to fit into peps system but then again maybe he would it is Kane after all

    Brian DonoghueBrian DonoghueMåned siden
  • ANSWER: Hala Madrid!!!

    ben banben banMåned siden
  • PSG

    Nikhil KumarNikhil KumarMåned siden
  • Time to refresh the ESPN squad with the brilliant , football savvy Melissa Reddy and put the German-hating Steve out to pasture!:)

    Ted FolkeTed FolkeMåned siden
  • Everything they predict is so so wrong. They are off reality... just like his Liverpool

    Vikramjeet SaranVikramjeet SaranMåned siden
  • Lol Stevie pick Barca, PSG wipe them off the park

    OldcarfulOldcarfulMåned siden
  • Steve Nicol: I have to go with Barca :-) He is really a sure bet for the opposite. He must hold the World record on predicting the wrong side.

    Said BelkacemSaid BelkacemMåned siden
  • They are so wrong about barça v PSG😂

    MakenslayMakenslayMåned siden
  • The only team to upset city is City, they will squander all the chances and bottle it

    Modern SoccerModern SoccerMåned siden
  • Haaland is the next big thing in football. He built for the premiership. He like a young harry kane way he is upper body strong

    Ross CouplandRoss CouplandMåned siden
  • Team most likely to upset man city is man city... We concede so many goals off mistakes in UCL knockouts and miss sitters. Our defensive is stronger now but you never know, I think we are cursed. We rarely make mistakes in the premier league but UCL knockouts are surreal

    Daidi FantaDaidi FantaMåned siden
  • This video aged well 4-1 :D

    Faaz ArshadFaaz ArshadMåned siden
  • If their match draw in quarter final then one of them gonna disappointed

    shisir thapashisir thapaMåned siden
  • Pep now only lets one full-back go. The other one drifts in midfield or covers for the central defenders. This is Pep's new trick! . .

    Beautiful PeopleBeautiful PeopleMåned siden
  • Juventus and Atletico Madrid have the players to beat psg, man city and bayern. These five teams are the strongest right now. Anything can happen

    Have ThatHave ThatMåned siden
  • PSG if Neymar is back then Liverpool simply because of Anfield maybe being a factor towards the semis and final

    Richie RifleRichie RifleMåned siden
  • Hindsight

    Akinwale segunAkinwale segunMåned siden
  • What about PSG, I dont understand the hype around ManCity there have no CL final

    Nompumelelo NtshangaseNompumelelo NtshangaseMåned siden
  • 5 goal game and PSG won, great analytic predictions boys😂

    tjay fullertjay fullerMåned siden
  • Manchester city is chokers of football

    Tanmay bhatTanmay bhatMåned siden
  • Athleti and one other in the final as long as Suarez is playing!

    Mark SimonsMark SimonsMåned siden
  • City is that type of team that can knock out my team Bayern Munich, Liverpool,Real,Psg but will bottle it against teams like porto, Atalanta

    Dvnnis24Dvnnis24Måned siden
  • I come here only to bet against those pundits prediction

    Rafael GebreRafael GebreMåned siden
  • The only team that can beat Bayern or city is either Bayern for city and city for Bayern

    Kiranjit Gurung NepalKiranjit Gurung NepalMåned siden
  • I like Atletico, solid in all areas of the pitch. And the have a manager who knows how to win things..

    Michael RowellMichael RowellMåned siden
  • Um,Bayern cause City always does trash in champions league

    Randy AngelRandy AngelMåned siden
  • Bayern sure, but yeah Manchester city is so far above everybody else,..........clowns. Also what is this with Haaland? These guys are all just like yeah he's just going to go to English teams. Forget Bayern Munich, forget Juventus, forget Real Madrid, forget Barcelona. It's Man u , Liverpool, Chelsea, etc.

    Crockett and TubbsCrockett and TubbsMåned siden
  • God will make barca win on the second leg 5-0

  • PSG

    Setshaba OfentseSetshaba OfentseMåned siden
  • Porto.

    Not in the observable UniverseNot in the observable UniverseMåned siden
  • Me watching this again after PSG won .

    Antonia PrinceAntonia PrinceMåned siden
  • How Steve choose Gomez over Ramos. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    vinny seurattanvinny seurattanMåned siden
  • PSG or Atletico.

    Football PharaohFootball PharaohMåned siden
  • Shows you how much they know 😀😀

    King XaviKing XaviMåned siden
  • Frank can't even defend Chelsea publicly. The best he could do was not pick Athletic? Pathetic. Chelsea will surprise you starting from eliminating Athletico

    Dennis yemi anjorDennis yemi anjorMåned siden
  • Should have ended the video after Frank's Lionel Ritchie anecdote. Can't top that!

    Temporary User Account #001Temporary User Account #001Måned siden
  • Lol why is it an upset for man city? They have never won the champions league. If anything, they will be the ones doing an upset.

    Miebi IsaacMiebi IsaacMåned siden
  • A Bundesliga/Ligue 1 team for City, and Real Madrid or possibly PSG for Bayern.

    Torres-KunTorres-KunMåned siden
  • PSG, Juve

    Anthony MammolitiAnthony MammolitiMåned siden
  • Each other 😂😂

    MisaMisaMåned siden
  • well these Barca-PSG comments didn't age well

    ama bama bMåned siden
  • "I'd have to go for barcelona because there is no neymar " Clueless.

    KeyBoard WarriorKeyBoard WarriorMåned siden
  • Liverpool will get further man city. Man city are a domestic team not European they have never even got to the semi finals.

    Christopher OjapahChristopher OjapahMåned siden
  • Easy atletico madrid and psg

    Aracle WellbadAracle WellbadMåned siden
  • These guys are bunch of idiots

    MrSeven07 KMrSeven07 KMåned siden
  • Liverpool have a better chance of winning it than city. Liverpool are knockout kings in europe they know how to get far in the CL. Liverpool V Bayern or PSG final

    bigceazer21bigceazer21Måned siden
  • These guys now nothing about football 😂😂😂 they just go with their loved teams 🤦‍♂️

    Jad GhanemJad GhanemMåned siden
  • So real madrid is not a big team anymore, nice work espn

    Mateo KapllaniMateo KapllaniMåned siden
  • Atletico might challenge them

    Beast NucleoBeast NucleoMåned siden
  • Psg

    Kerome BramwellKerome BramwellMåned siden
  • Chelsea tuchel has a formation for everyone

    Tavaziva Kudakwashe ClintonTavaziva Kudakwashe ClintonMåned siden
  • Most people and pundits always claimed Man city as CL favorites but till now and maybe next 15 to 20 years its still zero for them with no tradition, no history with not much of actual fanbase..just dirty oil $$$ club 😂😂😂

    Christian WAGChristian WAGMåned siden
  • Why is it that Man city are always favs to win the ucl ? 😂😂😂 i mean yea they are good in the prem but when it comes to europe they are bottlers just like barca

    Real MadridReal MadridMåned siden
  • he doesn't want Ramos because of what he did in the ucl final vs liverpool

    yVAn Official47yVAn Official47Måned siden
  • Anyone else here after the PSG 4-1 Barca thrashing laughing at Stevie’s hilarious prediction that Barca will win

    Daniel CastetterDaniel CastetterMåned siden
  • atalanta

    Terminat0r69Terminat0r69Måned siden
  • Stevie is lunatic!

    Abdur RahmanAbdur RahmanMåned siden
  • Why do they talk about city like they’re actual favourites

    Matt EnglishMatt EnglishMåned siden
  • Wow they were so wrong about PSG

    LakersXWFTLakersXWFTMåned siden
  • Obviously PSG or Atletico.

    G BG BMåned siden

    Geekylove 360Geekylove 360Måned siden
  • Well Stevie's pick aged well

    Jonny X MeteorJonny X MeteorMåned siden
  • Psg will

    Naruto UzamakiNaruto UzamakiMåned siden
  • PSG and Man City for the finals

    Kd RoofingKd RoofingMåned siden
  • 2:26 this didn’t age well.

    LinteriaLinteriaMåned siden
    • I was waiting for this comment 😂😂😂

      sayewhuttsayewhuttMåned siden
  • Man Don started this show with so much potential. You could see he was trying to be objective....now he doesn't try anymore...and doesn't hide his humungous bias......and humongous Liverpool bias.

    Jean Jacques LundiJean Jacques LundiMåned siden
  • Clowns - picking Liverpool Leipzig over Barca PSG...Mbappe put up a masterclass!

    Darshan VoraDarshan VoraMåned siden
  • Haaland would be great for Chelsea and Liverpool hypothetically.

    Ali BabarAli BabarMåned siden
  • Favourites for lifting the UCL: Man City, Bayern, Wild cards: Real Madrid, Liverpool, PSG, Atletico Madrid Dissapointments: Barça, Chelsea, Juventus

    J CardenasJ CardenasMåned siden

    Player of the CenturyPlayer of the CenturyMåned siden
  • HUGE SUPRISE: Both of Steve Nicol’s predictions were wrong. This is why you can’t take anything he says seriously.

    Apg HehsApg HehsMåned siden
  • Bro these guys such clowns smh, bOriNG psG v boRING baRca

    lasrlasrMåned siden
  • Nobody: Frank: *You have to aPoLiGiZe to me for saying shut up*

    DanielAlexander YTDanielAlexander YTMåned siden
  • Obviously Millwall, but unfortunately UEFA banned them from the competition since their footballing skills are so powerful that even looking at their 100% best football would melt our eyes into jelly

    Duerphy KatDuerphy KatMåned siden
  • Never thought I would hear Kid Creole and the Coconuts mentioned on a football show...

    Burns TennisBurns TennisMåned siden
  • Dan is so much entertaining than that Sebastian.

    Preshy JonesPreshy JonesMåned siden
  • ESPN are putting money in Don's bank account for this?

    ĸaιneĸaιneMåned siden
  • These lads know as much about football as I know about their careers😅😅

  • Are you guys just going to sit there and act like Lyon were able to upset a fragile City European side? Anyone can get one over on City. It's just a matter of who is the most disciplined on the day. No one can upset Bayern

    Edgardo MartinezEdgardo MartinezMåned siden
  • Isn't it crazy how we're not talking about barca and real on the favotites to win the champions league. How the turn tables

    Pelto JumalaPelto JumalaMåned siden
  • As a Bayern fan, we're not best form, but only team Im worried about is Juve. Barca, Athleti, PSG, etc. been there, done that. As for Man City, any team they face in 1/4 finals could upset them. In fact, M'Gladbach could surprise them now. Ive never been worried about them in the UCL, especially when they do well in the league...

    Big BowssBig BowssMåned siden
  • Man City will not win the Champions League

    Jacob BowersJacob BowersMåned siden
  • Frank is just golden comedy 🤣

    Kadar AbdullahiKadar AbdullahiMåned siden
  • City all the way🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🏆🏆👨🏿‍🔬

    Kim JamesKim JamesMåned siden
  • Ramos is a million times better than gomez

    kishore swaminathankishore swaminathanMåned siden
  • Real madrid will do good in this champions league.

    kishore swaminathankishore swaminathanMåned siden
  • espn needs to hire new guys smh

    FrankFrankMåned siden
  • This show is comedy sometimes

    John ChristieJohn ChristieMåned siden
  • I'd like to see city v bayern in the final

    Pound4Pound number1Pound4Pound number1Måned siden
  • Real Madrid

    Youri VYouri VMåned siden
  • Any team can beat City if it is the QF

    Ben the Football KidBen the Football KidMåned siden
    • Amen.

      Gontrand JojoGontrand JojoMåned siden
  • Sevilla! They got arguably the best defense in europe at the moment

    Jobin JoseJobin JoseMåned siden
  • Each ither

    FB FLFB FLMåned siden
  • Everyone is doughting Liverpool here and I like that... Lets see all these results in the next few months...

    Abu LewisAbu LewisMåned siden