Porto vs. Juventus reaction: Why it’s all unraveling for Andrea Pirlo’s squad | Champions League

Porto scored their goals during the first minute of each half and defeated Juventus 2-1 in a performance that the ESPN FC panel deemed horrible by Andrea Pirlo’s squad. Shaka Hislop, Don Hutchison, and Craig Burley break it all down, including Ronaldo’s penalty shout in the final moments of the match.
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  • Porto have won 35 of the 43 UEFA competition ties in which they recorded a home first-leg victory. Don't sleep on them.

    AcejakkAcejakkMåned siden
  • Inbred Hutchison as cringe as ever

    MD. Tanveer ShahriyarMD. Tanveer ShahriyarMåned siden
  • I'm sorry for Messi fans but Barcelona can't comeback this time😞,Juve have away goal chance so they might go further

    Pavle GamingZ1Pavle GamingZ1Måned siden
  • This is more embarrassing then barca tbh

    Wtf JjWtf JjMåned siden
  • Juve is out of champion league 2021?? Pls somebody give reply

    Sambhaji KalyankarSambhaji KalyankarMåned siden
  • Porto made juventus look horrible. If morata, dybala, arthur and cuadrado don't start the game in the second leg, porto will definitely smash them again.

    João SilvaJoão SilvaMåned siden
  • Messi Magic: Create a wonderful oppurtunity out of nothing, perhaps even lay down 4-5 players to score Ronaldo Magic: Hope you get the ball in a great area and just... shoot

    FarLeDJFarLeDJMåned siden
  • 100% was a penalty

    Liborio TamburelloLiborio TamburelloMåned siden
  • It was penalty 1000%

    RMRMMåned siden
  • Truth is, they are so irregular that they might just win 1-0 at home and go through. As they turned the Inter game in their favour, and when they lost to Barça by 2 and then won by 3, it’s possible. Now Barcelona is pretty much over for them, can’t see them scoring 5 in Paris, not when PSG is in this form.

    R_8_p_hR_8_p_hMåned siden
  • I am sure now that Ronaldo in juventus is only for the marketing purpose not for playing. Or maybe they don't understand how to use him

    Sadaqah JariyahSadaqah JariyahMåned siden
  • Typical British ignorance. ESPN football is garbage

    Dino MaitaDino MaitaMåned siden
  • Barca and Juve bothh lose but I think Barca will not able to quarter finals but yeah for Juve it is easy to win if they do good

    Master GamingMaster GamingMåned siden
  • no offence but ppl trolled messi against psg telling he cant do it so what did cr7 do? accept it that both players are old and cant carry the whole club always -.- they are humans too

    idkidkMåned siden
  • Was not a good game and what??? This is futbol... Is very easy to criticize... Siiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuu

    Elisa VieiraElisa VieiraMåned siden
  • Their approach was awful but at least Pirlo got his subs right. They did have an impact. Juve could've drawn in end. They were all over shop a bit, players bumping into each other and big gaps elsewhere! But they're better than what they showed. Their defence is slow but at home, where they only need 1 goal, if and when they get it, they can then drop deeper, where they've looked far more secure and be able to break at will. I still think Juve's the better team over 2 legs. It's a good job they had Chiesa though. Until Morata come on, he looked to be the only Juve player who could run and affect the game. He's really come good.

    Greg ThackrayGreg ThackrayMåned siden
  • Craig and Don started their anti-Ronaldo agenda again

    Unknown personUnknown personMåned siden
  • Ronaldo should have got a penalty

    Unknown personUnknown personMåned siden
  • stop become Juventini!! Sarri and now Pirlo are the reasons 👎👎

    Irfan WahyudiIrfan WahyudiMåned siden
  • Juve and Barca have the same problem in having bad coaches. Sorry but it's true. Just because there legends well Pirlo is doesn't mean they can manage a football club. Pirlo yes in the future. Koeman is q joke fired 6 times in 12 years yup that's a coach I want at barca 👏👏👏

    Matthew QuinnMatthew QuinnMåned siden
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    Mauro NicolasMauro NicolasMåned siden
  • Come on ESPN guys Barcelona penalty was penalty and our penalty was not penalty you guys always talking negative about Juventus first goal we give them a gift we have away goal second leg we will show them how to play football

    wahid alokozaywahid alokozayMåned siden
  • Pirlo lacks experience as a coach. He doesn’t know how to make his team attack and defend properly. Great soccer players are always bad at coaching.

    Rob TRob TMåned siden
  • CR7 is better than Messi. Pele is better than CR7 and Messi.

    Eight FrancsEight FrancsMåned siden
  • This is exactly the same thing they said when Juventus lost to Atletico Madrid in Madrid. Juve was abysmal yesterday, no doubt about that, but they have had very good games this season and are more enjoyable than under Sarri. I'm sure they are going to be singing a different tune if Juve wins the 2nd leg. These were the same pundits who were saying PSG, based on recent form, stood NO CHANCE against a resurgent Barca. We know how that aged.

    Kurt KachidzaKurt KachidzaMåned siden
  • Ronaldo was nowhere he pass like a semi pro footballer it's sad to see cr7 like that

    The King 10The King 10Måned siden
  • Juve actually didn't play that bad. They dominated the statistics including errors, and a simple one nothing win at home and they go through. they're trying to blow this up to be worse then it is.

    Crockett and TubbsCrockett and TubbsMåned siden
  • If de jong's dive gets a penalty then that foul on Ronaldo was a penalty all day long

    Farhan hassanFarhan hassanMåned siden
  • These guys don’t understand that coaches need time to mold a team. They said the same thing about Sarri at Chelsea and he ended up finishing third in the PL (behind Man City and Liverpool) and winning the Europa League in his first season in a new league. Klopp didn’t set the world on fire in his first year at Liverpool, but he was given time. Look how that turned out. It takes time to change a team’s mentality - from wining at all costs, to playing a more attack minded, free-flowing game with less importance put on winning/the result. Juve played poorly and deserved to lose. They were missing Bonucci (their best central defender), Arthur (their best midfielder), and Cuadrado (their best winger/wing back). Their biggest problem isn’t Pirlo’s lack of experience. It’s that they are in the process of changing the way they approach the game (as said earlier) and that will always be tougher to do without your key players. Juve need one or two more dynamic, playmaking midfielders to make the jump into being in the top 5 best teams in Europe. They have too many guys in the middle of the lark who just hustle without really doing anything of consequence.

    David De MarcoDavid De MarcoMåned siden
  • Porto is a good team and Juve on the road, they can recover from this. nice to see these guys discussing tactics (Shaka).

    uchibenkeiuchibenkeiMåned siden
  • no risk

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor duMåned siden
  • As a Juve fan I have to say a few things. Juve's style at the back passing it from defenders and the goalie, is very dangerous and this game it gave Porto a very easy goal. They need to remove that style, have the goalie just kick it out half the field. Juve got an excellent away goal, all skill, no luck. I have full confidence that they will win their next game and advance. Lately they have been winning games and they just need to win again after these last two hard losses to keep it going. I still consider Juve a very dangerous team to the rest of Europe.

    No Way JoseNo Way JoseMåned siden
  • Don is trying to outdo these guys for worse pundit... that was a pure penalty.

    L-e-gendaryL-e-gendaryMåned siden
  • Juventus will go through!

    Afloe wisdomAfloe wisdomMåned siden
  • I would have my team be like Juventus and win 9 league titles and be 4th in the tenth season in with stilla chance to win 10th title or like Barca and win 4 UEFA Champions League titles and 10 league titles in 17 seasons.

    Ali BabarAli BabarMåned siden
  • Dan is a hypocrite when salah and over Liverpool player does it he sees it as a pen.

    Hybrid 10k991Hybrid 10k991Måned siden
  • What this guy's are trying to say that De jong was fouled brutally by the psg defense but but but Cristiano was doing over and he was not fouled by porto defender God knows how they can say something like that 😂😂😂😂

    Dipjyoti ThakurDipjyoti ThakurMåned siden
  • I think this year, we won’t see Messi or Ronaldo go deep into the UCL knockout rounds

    Ibrahim ShahidIbrahim ShahidMåned siden
  • im soooooooooooo tired of Juventus nonchalant play...changing managers doesn't seem to change the laziness...allegri would sit on a 1 goal lead..all defense..I thought sarri would fix the problem but no luck..Pirlo can't get rid of the cancer either..Bentancor looked like he'd prefer to watch the game from a bar...the fans seem to be the only one's that want to win..disgusting

    Forza JuveForza JuveMåned siden
  • Craig: Juventus are a terrible team..I mean look at their manager ole gunn...oh wait

    Kartik PandeyKartik PandeyMåned siden

    Deborah LuckDeborah LuckMåned siden
  • Mabbpe had more impact on attcking than lazy cr7 nowadays🤣

    lsp rlsp rMåned siden
  • Juventus don’t have gun power in mid field players .. they are too slow only chiesa and Arthur are doing good

    Kaushik N GKaushik N GMåned siden
  • Ronaldo is done, he's nothng now, he dint make any diff on the attacking side, lack on impact from him nowadays, Better to sell him 😁

    lsp rlsp rMåned siden
  • Zidane is a brilliant manager. People just refuse to acknowledge him for all the unbelievable things he has achieved with Real Madrid.

    Deron MaitlandDeron MaitlandMåned siden
  • Juve to qualify into quarter finals they were poor last night porto were great but a big performance in the second leg 🦓⚽🎉🎆 juve to play great in the return

    Jason CurranJason CurranMåned siden
  • i dont get it why blame pirlo the midfield is complete trash especially bentacur who makes mistakes in every single game

    Utkarsh YadavUtkarsh YadavMåned siden
  • The professionalism in these videos has dropped, which is an amazingly positive change in the viewing experience. Instead of listening to pundits blabber on and trying to sound smart, it's like sittin round wit the lads vibin about football.

    gazamidorigazamidoriMåned siden
  • Last week the punditocracy were all telling us how Pirlo’s plan is finally coming together. Yesterday Juve lose 2-1 away to one of Europe’s best mid sized (?) clubs and suddenly the sky is falling

    D MD MMåned siden
  • Juve forgot to buy new players for the midfield in January. And now it is too late to save this season. I hate it.

    Jack Nørdam PedersenJack Nørdam PedersenMåned siden
    • I guess Arthur doesn’t exist?

      storknad manstorknad manMåned siden
  • Not a penalty

    Mark mithsMark mithsMåned siden
  • And now Porto have to hold on to a draw

    KIhairil Amirul ImranKIhairil Amirul ImranMåned siden
  • Don says he would rather ronaldo than messi at this min. Ronaldo was dreadful if he don’t score he gives you nothing

    Luke ThomasLuke ThomasMåned siden
  • Aah it’s pirlo’s squad that’s the problem ? But for Barcelona, Koeman did a great job..it’s just that Messi wasn’t good right ? Hahah

    AZ EDAZ EDMåned siden
  • juventus, liverpool and barca are atm on the same level

    jejgls7878jejgls7878Måned siden
  • bentancur is class is a first team player since 4 years and is only 23 years old but he cant play together with rabiot

    jejgls7878jejgls7878Måned siden
  • It was a clear pen for me. Even if he would be going down, you can't clash with someone like that. Ronaldo might have gotten up but I don't think he was falling down anyways. But yes Juventus deserved not to win any trophy. They are also annoying to watch fro time to time with snail like slow build up.

    sayan roysayan royMåned siden
  • Two games ago, i.e. before Napoli and Porto, Juventus were on the rise. They were racing back up the table after the Coppa Italia win. Most commentators/pundits, including those on ESPN said that it is likely that Juventus will win the league and are in a good position in the Champions League. Now they are saying the exact opposite. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but complacency with 2nd tier teams in Europe is an ongoing problem and causing premature exits of the Champions Leage on an annual basis.

    Kevin MitchellKevin MitchellMåned siden
    • They did not win that game in cup. Draw with Inter. Plus Very lucky to block a goal bound shot of Sanchez. The defender could not get to it and had no idea where the ball was going. The ball hit the defenders standing foot and didn't go in.

      SafwanNetSafwanNetMåned siden
  • In my opinion, The coach is the problem with what he puts the player's mind, focusing on playing defensive mildfielding due lack of coaching experience, and relying on counter attacks for goals, which doesn't help in every game, i don't think he is quite smart at reading the opponent's tactics which is key, based on my observation, we can all see they lack of creativity when in attacking terms, poor ball disctrubution and poor players displacement pace, relying alot on long crosses at their opponent box territories when the players havn't been efficient these days with great ball heading, not even the crosses are good enough, also the center position is always left free inwhich they can threathen from there to get goals, morever they are lacking in the foward because aside C.ronaldo and chiesa who else have smart finishing abilities in the team, implying if none of these two can find the net, nobody else can come from the bench with great hunger to score or provide an excellent assist, i mean what was the january transfer for, so the couldn't find a young motivated striker to add to the foward, Nevertheless they can do better, jus that cr7 need more ball suppliers to attempt for goals , with mc kennie reducing his dribbling ratio, cuz he gets to fail on most attempt and lose the ball, but rada do more ball controlling and provide better passes i think Pirlo needs to consult experience great players in his team like cr7, bonucci, buffon , etc to seek for their opinion atleast, since they currently play the matches and have been observant knowing what's best kind of, rather than making decision on his own and for every mistake making excuses, the players are good, itz the tactics that needs to be improved, and more of team play in crucial times like this.

    Oru Kalvin KlienOru Kalvin KlienMåned siden
  • At least juve still can come back.

    frank Gfrank GMåned siden
  • I am always amazed by ESPN they are always talking about juventus problems when they lose even they win

    liulliulMåned siden
  • juventus should pirlo announce as a player manager

    souls mischiefsouls mischiefMåned siden
  • No one with common sense would hire pirlo stupid board at juventus

    I Wouldn't Like Me EitherI Wouldn't Like Me EitherMåned siden
  • So, are they going to get rid off Pirlo like they got rid off Sarri?

    cjewelzcjewelzMåned siden
  • Barca & Juve wasting Messi & Ronaldos prime yrs!

    PrincePrinceMåned siden
  • they said no CR7 no UCL for zidane or madrid so how many UCL trophies did Juve already win with CR7?

    Mercurial the spectreMercurial the spectreMåned siden
  • Juve played very badly and deserved to lose, but how can you deny it was penalty on Ronaldo! OMG

    PaganoPaganoMåned siden
  • porto are a good team

    ManlikeollyManlikeollyMåned siden
  • Pirlo is very stupid. You playing champions league and you are going for Kulusevski instead of Morata. He was useless the entire match

    Valery Menez17Valery Menez17Måned siden
    • Morata was not fully fit! Do your homework, otherwise better to close your lips!

      Rocco IacovinoRocco IacovinoMåned siden
    • lol was thinking the same. Pirlo thought that a 20 year old was going to score over an experienced CL player

      Kevin KermanyKevin KermanyMåned siden
  • That midfield had no creativity. Pirlo should be fired for not substituting Bentacur and Rabiot 🤔 Stupid coach just like arteta and ole

    Baroz NomaBaroz NomaMåned siden
  • How about giving some credit to Porto. Should have been 3-0 or 3-1

    USMC foreverUSMC foreverMåned siden
    • Easily...Juve is very easy to play against. They have no personality, no character, no desire. They reflect their manager's personality. The way they were playing after going down 2-0 was embarrassing. There was no urgency at all. DeLigt to Demiral, Demiral to DeLigt, DeLigt to Bentancur, Bentancur back to DeLigt..was the pattern...slow slow slow slow horizontal and back pass football...is this what they hired Pirlo for???? the 'Maestro'...don't make me laugh!!!

      EZeeeEZeeeMåned siden
  • I always say this pirlo is not zizo Zizo gone to anjeloti and pep for learning Lampard and pirlo dont do that And thats why they are bad managers

    Nik mNik mMåned siden
  • I dont know why Dan hates so much Pirlo. Or maybe he was inlove of Sarri. IMHO, Pirlo is an economic option for a managerial position nowadays, and at the same time a diplomatic one. Because it is true, Sarri was so criticized during the entire season and Pirlo have so many fans still who defend him for respect of what he did as a player. I think he has done SOME good stuff, like reading the matches and do the proper substitutions, and good games (vs Barca, Milan, Inter) but overall I think Agnelli and Nedved just burnt him as a manager for the future. Right no The goal of this year is to try to make it to the quarterfinals, and try to stay in Champions league for the next year. I dont see juve winning not even the Coppa Italia vs Atalanta.

    Massimo MattiaMassimo MattiaMåned siden
  • even a 1-0 win will take juve through. I feel a 1-0 victory in turin

    Abhishek MishraAbhishek MishraMåned siden
    • Remember Lyon last year??? Juve dont deserve to go through. Hope they get knocked out!! They are atrocious and medicore. Pirlo must be kicked out, followed by Paratici and Nedved.

      EZeeeEZeeeMåned siden
  • I adore Dan. His banters are amazing.

    Prashant MishraPrashant MishraMåned siden
  • Say what you’d like... that penalty was clear as day. No argument

    Derek DiLorenzoDerek DiLorenzoMåned siden
  • Awful stuff from Juve here. Have a chance still though with the away goal. Neither side is great and doesn't look a threat to World Champions Bayern but nobody does. Porto could have won 3 O tonight

    DuderinoDeuxDuderinoDeuxMåned siden
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    uso donalduso donaldMåned siden
  • Even if he was going to fall their was contact their for a penalty

    David AmaraDavid AmaraMåned siden
  • I aint even bothered by the Messi-Ronaldo comparisons, what shocks me is how people are saying Mbappe is better than Messi or Haaland is better than Ronaldo😳🤦🏿

  • 100m flop woke up feeling dangerous today against farmers 0 goals 0 assits 5 duels lost 3 disposessions 2 pressures As many touches as the keeper 6.9 rating Better than Frank Ribery🥶🥶🐐👽🔥

    Tyrone Lorenzo ValentioTyrone Lorenzo ValentioMåned siden
  • Juve should sell that trash bentancur and bernardeshci and sign a creative midfielder in the upcoming transfer window. And start with De Ligt and Demiral rather than bonucci or chiellini. Then they can win

    M KM KMåned siden
    • @storknad man I always watch Juventus matches and because I usually see him playing bad. Remember that incident when Juve lost to atletico in the first leg by 2-0 and in that bentancur played but in the second leg when bentancur didn't play Ronaldo scored a hat trick and it was a clean sheet

      M KM KMåned siden
    • You’re proving that you haven’t watched juve. Bentancur is not a bad player

      storknad manstorknad manMåned siden
  • I'm a Barca, and I agree that our club has reached rock bottom, and it's gonna take time to rise back up. But every football fan has to agree to the fact that since Ronaldo joined Juve, they've been worse than without Ronaldo

    Rushin BhattRushin BhattMåned siden
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has 763 career goals, meaning... Haaland would need 44 goals a year until he’s 35 to match him. Mbappé would need 48 goals a year until he’s 35 to match him.

    Dasika SairamDasika SairamMåned siden
    • The guy who scored 3 goals in 3 WCs.

      SafwanNetSafwanNetMåned siden
  • How about Juve missing the players with the most keypasses in the team, Cuadrado and Dybala. Besides those two Bonucci and Arthur were also missing. Two players who are vital for the build up. Why not talk about any of that? Any team in the world, would be less productive when missing 3-4 to key players in the squad. Eg. Liverpool are missing VVD and see how thats going.

    Andrew PrasanaAndrew PrasanaMåned siden
  • Same criticism juve got when they lost 2-0 to barca but at the end juve finished 1st in grp.

    Naivedhya TiwariNaivedhya TiwariMåned siden
  • Ronaldo is so overated. He ghosted the whole game again, and then tried to con the referee into giving a penalty for a dive!!

    Rax JRax JMåned siden
  • Lol these guys love shitting on CR7. Clear pen. Need to be consistent esp now with VAR everythings being given as a pen but no when it comes to Ronaldo, it was an accidental chopping of his knees

    Bilal FouziBilal FouziMåned siden
    • @Rax J a fouls a foul you can never know for certain if he was going to fall down. Youre talking about an athletic freak. VAR rules 99% of the time dont care if it was intentional foul so it makes no sense... he didnt do much else

      Bilal FouziBilal FouziMåned siden
    • He was already falling down, it's not a pen. Anyways, what else did he do that whole match? Lol

      Rax JRax JMåned siden
  • As a neutral party, juve wont go to the final

    MTVHMTVHMåned siden
  • Whenever Barca loses the cover pic is always Messi. I expect the same thing with Juve as well.

    Alireza MarefatAlireza MarefatMåned siden
    • The difference is Messi never saves his team season after season, Ronaldo saves his team most of the time and doesn’t require a super team to do anything

      David SoriaDavid SoriaMåned siden
    • Are you high? These guys are Messi fanboys, They always favour him. Messi ran 4.6 miles in the game against PSG that is less than Terstegen, Absolutely no defensive coverage which made Pique very mad to the point of shouting at them, Ronaldo played as the center forward, but did they cross a good ball to him, absolutely not, and if you have seen the game, you'd think that Ronaldo was their best player

      Ali YasinAli YasinMåned siden
    • @Utkarsh Pandey Exactly sometimes they are decent and fair but most of the time especially when Barca loses (in any way) the cover is Messi even if they dont talk negative about him.

      Alireza MarefatAlireza MarefatMåned siden
    • No mate..i Don't get these pundits ... It's always Messi for barca and Pirlo for juve.. 1 bad game of messi.. he is finished according to Craig 🤦 they are too much

      Utkarsh PandeyUtkarsh PandeyMåned siden
  • I swear brighton play better attacking football than juve

    Dayim ShahDayim ShahMåned siden
    • True lol

      Rax JRax JMåned siden
  • Craig is one of those guys who speaks without any hesitation pointing the harsh truth which for everyone not easy to disgest especially fans ...and that's why I am his fan

    Mohammad ArifMohammad ArifMåned siden
  • Juve has no creativity or same man character’s

    Ikadek KariyawanIkadek KariyawanMåned siden
  • the ronaldo deal has well paid off

    kimmkrookimmkrooMåned siden
  • Ronaldo bossed the game,unlucky not to score at least one goal.

    SiyaSiyaMåned siden
    • @Rax J, 😂😂You're just a hater.

      SiyaSiyaMåned siden
    • LOL carry on playing FIFA.

      Rax JRax JMåned siden
  • Juve need zidane not pirlo

    Cristiano RonaldoCristiano RonaldoMåned siden
  • la solita juventus in coppa mediocre,quando viene pressata vanno in tilt vedi la partita

    Francesco 54Francesco 54Måned siden
  • As an juve fan I didn't laugh at barca yesterday but I still believe juve somehow will go through Juve need dybala you can't win UCL without dybala

    Cristiano RonaldoCristiano RonaldoMåned siden
    • @Cristiano Ronaldo where is psg ,Bayern ,man city

      EliosEliosMåned siden
    • @Rax J no if dybala is fit and full form Then champions league belong to juve

      Cristiano RonaldoCristiano RonaldoMåned siden
    • They will probably go through, but they won't be getting past the quarter final stage. This team is very average even with Ronaldo.

      Rax JRax JMåned siden
  • For the last three have have been drawn against teams which you'd expect them to get past. THEY WILL NEVER see any finals

    edwin chirochedwin chirochMåned siden
    • @Rocco Iacovino LOL...yes they have won in a mediocre league for the last 9 years. Serie A is a shadow of what it used to be. So, don't go around boasting about the title wins. As for UCL, they were humiliated in both finals - so I would not go around boasting about that either..wake up!!! The only record Juve has set in this competition is losing the most number of finals...how is that for getting the facts right???

      EZeeeEZeeeMåned siden
    • @EZeee They have won the league 9 times & have reached the UCL final twice, get your facts right EPL LOVER!

      Rocco IacovinoRocco IacovinoMåned siden
    • Juve have been lulled into this false sense of superiority because they win Serie A every year. They don't realise outside of Italy, they are a very average team!!!

      EZeeeEZeeeMåned siden
  • As a Porto fan what a win for us...

    Vinnie MacVinnie MacMåned siden