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  • PSG are taking the W for sure..I feel like calling off to watch it in peace

    DatRatchetDatRatchet5 timer siden
  • Leicester will bottle it like last season and finish 5th or 6th. Chelsea and Liverpool to both finish in the top 4 💯

    Bobby TBobby T5 timer siden
  • Honestly, the show is at its hilarious best with Dan (on fire) Don Frank Stevie Shaka and Nedum. Rest all (Craig in particular) are just boring to watch.

    Rohan RanesardesaiRohan Ranesardesai5 timer siden
  • Best bit on the whole show today: Stevie: Who?

    Rohan RanesardesaiRohan Ranesardesai5 timer siden
  • Neymar drags the team from elimination in group stage by scoring 6 goals, gave mbappe confidence again by letting him score the penalty, made psg top of the table, was the main reason Psg was playing finals last year..... Pundits and haters: Neymar is overrated. Don't let him play. Jesus the hatred against Neymar is too much. What did he do besides some theatrics in WC... Only Messi can match him in skill these days and he is proving it again game after game but pundits think he is overrated. ESPN should be blamed for bringing these biased people for overviews. Pathetic

    Rahul RaveendranRahul Raveendran5 timer siden
  • Man Utd and Leeds away but apart from that, Liverpool have a great chance of winning all their remaining matches although it won't be easy as the likes of Southampton and Burnley are no mugs.

    Luke SlevinLuke Slevin5 timer siden
  • Liverpool still have Man Utd and Leeds. I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest route. Both United and Leeds are in good form and Ole on his day against good managers is something else

    Jd EditsJd Edits5 timer siden
  • (they didn’t finish their chances) Perhaps they will 2nd leg?

    Aaron StevensonAaron Stevenson5 timer siden
  • Stevie can't win with you guys. When he's being optimistic for Liverpool he's being bias, when he's being realistic he's being grumpy and lowering expectations 🥱🥱

    Siphamandla HlabaSiphamandla Hlaba5 timer siden
  • Agree with title

    Gaming beastGaming beast5 timer siden
  • Liverpool should have accepted defeat in the first leg and kept it at 2-1, they might have had a chance

    Matty McMatty Mc5 timer siden
  • Is Frank always constipated 🤔

    Unapologetically BLUEUnapologetically BLUE5 timer siden
  • Dan bud your actually dumb

    Da man GDa man G5 timer siden
  • lol Bayern what are you smoking 😂 Come back to this tomorrow Bayern is not going to win - NOT - If Bayern win then I will do push ups !!

    InthezalInthezal5 timer siden
  • Dan 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    jay parmarjay parmar5 timer siden
  • Who would you rather have in your squad : frank leabouf Or shia leabouf?

    Rohit SharmaRohit Sharma5 timer siden
  • Like Spurs has a vast glorious history until Jose Mourinho got appointed

    Capt. CoCoCapt. CoCo5 timer siden
  • It’s shame a club like shalck fc are on bottom of the league

    Sourena SarconSourena Sarcon5 timer siden
  • Don clearly has problem with a word "romantic"

    LuzcxiLuzcxi5 timer siden
  • It's better when Craig not there

    King TshiloboKing Tshilobo5 timer siden

    Moist PeanutMoist Peanut5 timer siden
  • Why do I see west Ham to be one of the teams who will finish in the top 4

    Deepak RaiDeepak Rai5 timer siden
  • IF IF, If my aunt had bollocks, she'd be my uncle. IF

    Hundred BladesHundred Blades5 timer siden
    • 🤣

      izaj ahmedizaj ahmed5 timer siden
  • Bayern will win

    Crash AnimationCrash Animation5 timer siden
  • **Sickkthhhh**

    Eden Is InfiniteEden Is Infinite6 timer siden
  • In the first leg you can see psg players are not worried.. That means it's part of their plan.. It will repeat tomorrow

    Amal Anil kumarAmal Anil kumar6 timer siden
  • 3 Times psg managed lost a after a win in the First leg against Chelsea, Barca 6:1 😂 and United.

    VDDangVDDang6 timer siden
  • why do they forget that PSG have navas. he has been probably the best gk this season in UCL.

    Silent ViperSilent Viper6 timer siden
    • Isn’t he injured?!

      who even careswho even cares5 timer siden
  • I saw Stevie talking he looks like a Pumpkin...

    Sravan kumar kilariSravan kumar kilari6 timer siden
  • Dan OP 🔥🔥

    Rohit RawatRohit Rawat6 timer siden
  • Can somebody enlighten us as to why Ale has to button his polo all the way up and look like a goofball? It doesn’t suit him

    HallelujahHallelujah6 timer siden
  • Psg will go to next round with confidence...I think neymar will score

    Richard AnthonyRichard Anthony6 timer siden
  • Liverpool has as good a chance as any. Outside a man city none a these teams have been dominant. Let’s see

    Tafari KgosiTafari Kgosi6 timer siden
  • Lewandowski showed (with his abscence) that he puts Bayern on an other (elite) level. Bayern would have killed them in the first leg like 6:3 - at least. However, without Lewandwoski and the problem with Brazzo and Flick fighting each other it will be very hard. You need to have this attitude like "We against the world." Just like last year.

    Don JuanDon Juan6 timer siden
    • Lewandowski played in the final and scored zero goals

      Leon the thirdLeon the third5 timer siden
  • If I had to choose btwn Kane or Halaand,I'd choose Kane,he's a certainity. halaand might flop or take time to adapt to PL football.. kane can get u 25Pl goals for the next 5 years easy!! Bruno would be top assistor too. Easy!!!

  • I really wish The Poland team didn't call up Lewandowski for a minor match as the one he got injured in. It doesn't make sense he played and now he's injured at the business end of the season.

    Aubreezy PurandaAubreezy Puranda6 timer siden
  • West Ham has the best run in. J Lingz back at the Champions league, where he belongs!

    Vittal NarayanVittal Narayan6 timer siden
  • You forgot to ask me: PSG goes through with a frantic and dramatic injury time golazo Neymar assisted by Mbappe

    Peter CPeter C6 timer siden
  • So Leeds sucks right? Right. They won’t score. Right? Right.

    Paul AndersPaul Anders6 timer siden
  • Liverpool & Klopp need some serious reshufflin inthe summer, think they should sell one or two of the front 3, maybe salah since he's already flirting with spanish clubs,or mane who I think has one or maybe two utmost top seasons inthis league, b4 their prices go downhill. With everythn constant I think chelsea will even be stronger than liverpool nxt sn

  • Liverpool Formation 3-4-3 LW. ST. RW Mané. Firmino/Jota. Salah LM. CM. CM. RM Robertson Henderson FabinhoTAA

    Anuradha SinghAnuradha Singh6 timer siden
  • Great percentage, Don!

    EBBCAManagementEBBCAManagement6 timer siden
  • If PSG go through,Imma break all these disgusting critics noses

    Shrikar SistaShrikar Sista6 timer siden
    • I’ll break their teeth

      Nike Dri-FitNike Dri-Fit5 timer siden
  • What Navas gotta do to get his respect ✊🏾 he was apart of that madrid treble & the first leg vs Bayern

    Joe SantanaJoe Santana6 timer siden
  • Can we talk about defender whifh we need most 😑

    Amazin DAmazin D6 timer siden
  • The truth is ESPN want PSG to lose and they don’t hide this lol

    Red Panda Agency EntertainmentRed Panda Agency Entertainment6 timer siden
  • No one talks about how good was Navas and Neymar

    lopezossie10lopezossie106 timer siden
  • Cause this is not a black sports unlike basketball and american football wherein majority are blacm thus the support to racism is enormouse

    William TanWilliam Tan6 timer siden
  • Love Don

    Edo SaragihEdo Saragih6 timer siden
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    Nammuiteu PameNammuiteu Pame6 timer siden
  • Difference is Dan and Shaka have had a few and Nedum is sober

    Free VortexFree Vortex6 timer siden
  • Nedum looks like he will start crying man. Dan just shook him.up tonight

    Free VortexFree Vortex6 timer siden
  • Nedum ran 11 secs at 14. Lets give it context Dan: so where.did it all go wrong? This is classic man Totally classic, Nedim is getting trashed here and it's beautiful. He will need to come out of his shell otherwise he will get destroyed on this show

    Free VortexFree Vortex6 timer siden
  • Weston Calm and Collected while Ronaldo couldn't finish, instead hit the post. Unlucky but his reactions are understandable

    Eduardo and JasmineEduardo and Jasmine6 timer siden
  • Hello somebody !! . Please friends , PSG was able to run EVEN WITH THE ELEMENTS OF THE WEATHER .

    John HamiltonJohn Hamilton6 timer siden
  • Klinsmann is terrible and boring

    Pah GPah G6 timer siden
  • Bayern is a scary side tbh if psg get them out them definitely psg are favorites to win this champions league.

    junior barnesjunior barnes6 timer siden
  • ‘Maybe a trip to Amsterdam’.. that killed me😂😂😂

    Mert ErgeneMert Ergene6 timer siden
  • lol "Don's a defeated man"

    Albert CardenasAlbert Cardenas6 timer siden
  • I’m gonna say this before it happens... Müller is going to be match mvp

    D PayneD Payne6 timer siden
  • 3:54 Conte's wig almost got snatched 😁

    KlutchKlutch7 timer siden
  • Steve is a bastered ..always consider psg as a weak team...

    Nikhil RansingNikhil Ransing7 timer siden
  • Why do all you guys hate PSG so much, byern has been struggling to keep a clean sheet all season. For now for me PSG will score atleast 2 goals

  • neymar has not scored yet in the 1st leg, he's hungry, he's due.

    tsbm9tsbm97 timer siden
  • Where are all the people that prefer Hernandez to Davies? Last season champions league Davies was outstanding and played a key role in Bayern Munich winning the champions league, his pace and fearless behavior with or without the ball was fantastic! Best left back in the world last year Champions league!

    oliwo oluwaseunoliwo oluwaseun7 timer siden
  • Don is always sucking off Liverpool lol.

    Zotsho DuzeZotsho Duze7 timer siden
  • Where Craig Burley, he must be playing his ball seeing Manu thrash Spurs

    Govinda GurungGovinda Gurung7 timer siden
  • I have faith in Liverpool making top 4. On paper. But we have struggled against those bottom clubs all year so.....

    It doesn’t matter What your name isIt doesn’t matter What your name is7 timer siden
  • Bayern will go through

    Pallanti AkbPallanti Akb7 timer siden
    • PSG3-1Bayern PSG goes through to the UCL semi finals after knocking out the defending champions Bayern 6-3 on aggregate in this 2020/21 season.

      Ahmed UmairAhmed Umair6 timer siden
  • Erling halland to man u please

    Varun BishtVarun Bisht7 timer siden
  • If if if.

    Jon PoolJon Pool7 timer siden
  • the 3 best players, by far, in the match are neymar, navas and mbappé, not muller, not kimmich, not neuer. this time, with verrati and paredes in the middle, the germans won't have 30 chances at the goal. remember, in the last game the german goals are headshots from 15 corners, this won't happen again. psg will go though and by more than 1 goal difference.

    tsbm9tsbm97 timer siden